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The Arbotech TURBOPlane Milling Disc is one of Arbortech's most outstanding tools. As the name... more
Product information "TurboPlane"

The Arbotech TURBOPlane Milling Disc is one of Arbortech's most outstanding tools. As the name implies, the TURBOPlane (turbo planer) is not necessarily a milling disc, but rather a planer disc.

The three carbide blades plan the wood. The disc is extremely versatile and can be used for many freehand carvings. It is suitable for rough as well as fine work. Like the Industrial Woodcarver, the disc is simply mounted in a standard angle grinder, regardless of whether it is a 115mm or 125mm angle grinder.

If necessary, the three carbide blades "plan" away very large amounts of material, but very fine work is also possible. However, the surface is not roughened, as is common with wood rasps, but rather resembles a planed surface. Since the 3 blades are made of hard metal, the cutting disc is suitable for both softwood and hardwood. However, the rule is the harder the wood the better the result. For harder woods, the machined surface is smoother. The extremely stable design and the carbide tips make this wood tool extremely durable. If necessary, the blades can be sharpened with a diamond file.
Infinite possibilities with the TURBOPlane

You have endless possibilities how to use the milling disc. Some customers use the disc to make sculptures or to refine sculptures created by chainsaw carving. We also have a large number of customers who use Turbo Planes in musical instrument making. Didgeridoos, guitars and double basses are produced. But also with carpenters the turbo plane of Arbortech is very popular. It can very quickly be used to mill chamfering or fermentation on squared lumber. If you still need suggestions on what you can do with this milling disc, have a look at our work samples Arbortech page.

Another advantage of this wood tool is that the blades are placed on the face and the outer diameter has no blades. This allows you to work with the milling disc against a stop made of wood. In this case, we always use the woodcarver to mill a groove and then use this groove as a stop.

Arbortech Turboplane is a powerful and versatile woodworking tool.

Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5afGQFFlRY
Dimensions of the TURBOPlane milling disc from Arbortech

    Diameter: 100 mm
    Width over all: 12.5mm
    Material thickness: 2.6 mm
    Bore: 22mm (fits standard angle grinder)
    Number of cutting edges: 3 carbide tips
    Maximum speed under load 12,000 RPM