Carving Wheels for Angle Grinders

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Kaindl Woodcarver gold, Durchm. 115 mm Kaindl Woodcarver gold, Durchm. 115 mm
Hardened edges guarantee a long life Diameter outside 100 mm Cutting thickness 8 mm
€54.90 *
Professional industrial hard disk Professional industrial hard disk
The Industrial Woodcarver is the professional choice in rotary woodcarving. This blade carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control. Unlike the other Arbortech blades, this blade can be used for...
€129.00 *
Teflon Rasp Disc Teflon Rasp Disc
Excellent working rasp disc for removing and shaping the molds in wood. with vibration stop Diameter exterior 114 mm
€72.00 *
Grating Disc Grating Disc
This grating disc consists of a thermochemically processed steel sheet with a thickness of 0.7 mm which allows a long service life. Specs: diameter 115x22,2 mm Maximum operating speed 11,000 revolutions per minute Due to the ingenious...
€37.90 *
TurboPlane TurboPlane
The Arbotech TURBOPlane Milling Disc is one of Arbortech's most outstanding tools. As the name implies, the TURBOPlane (turbo planer) is not necessarily a milling disc, but rather a planer disc. The three carbide blades plan the wood....
€139.00 *