About the Austrian Woodcarving School

The Geisler-Moroder family has 400 years of tradition in wood sculpture. The carving school Geisler-Moroder has been in existence as a training centre in its present form for about 20 years now. Today, it presents itself as a school that is aware of tradition and meets all modern requirements. Particular emphasis has been placed on the quality of teaching.
Experienced instructors impart basic knowledge and techniques of a solid craft, which forms the basis for the realisation of individual design ideas in the craft and artistic field. Over time, the program has expanded steadily, so that today's students can be offered a wide range of unique combinations.

Small course groups
We deliberately keep the number of participants in our courses to a minimum, so that the teacher has enough time for individual supervision of each individual.

Flexible course design
The teacher will focus on the level of training and skills of the participants. This ensures optimal learning success.

Mixed Groups
Wherever it makes sense, we consciously let beginners and advanced learners as well as participants of different courses work together in one room. So everyone benefits not only from the instructor's skills, but also from the wealth of experience and ideas of the other participants.

Dual apprenticeship system
Practical, purely manual instruction is supplemented by a carefully selected theoretical package.

Transparent pricing
Uniform course prices make it easier to keep track of things and great special offers are easy on the wallet. Any additional fees for material etc. are listed at the individual courses.
We look forward to your visit!