DRECHSELMEISTER MIDI PRO incl. Bench bed and quick release system

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MIDI PRO: table lathe - rethought. With the rotating and sliding headstock and the many other... more
Product information "DRECHSELMEISTER MIDI PRO incl. Bench bed and quick release system"

MIDI PRO: table lathe - rethought. With the rotating and sliding headstock and the many other advantages, this lathe is aimed at experienced users with high demands, but also at beginners who want to work with a high-quality and functional lathe of the latest generation right from the start. Particular attention was paid to the design to build an extremely stable and versatile, yet space-saving table turning lathe. The massive bench bed has a support width of 30 (!) Cm with a compact 80 cm bench bed length.

Features and highlights of the MIDI PRO table turning machine:
Bank bed:
    Particularly solid cast version for best damping and the prevention of vibrations
    Extra wide support surface of 30 cm for a stable stand (many conventional table benches are only 15 - 20 cm)
    Nevertheless compact dimensions of only 80 cm bench bed length
    Front opening on the bench bed, for mounting an (optionally available) additional bed
    "Parking position" for the tailstock, the lower hand rest can be pulled out through the front opening
    There are mounting holes for the installation of an additional bed on the left and right of the bench bed, so the center width can be extended step by step on request (e.g. center width 910 mm total when using 2 additional beds)
    A quick-change system is available as an option to quickly and easily install the additional bed at the various pick-up points
    Incl. handles
Novel quill quick change system!
An ER25 tailstock drilling quill with a 100 mm quill path is optionally available for holding high-quality and precise ER25 collets.
Explanations for the ER25 drilling quill system:
The quill quick-change system on the tailstock of the MIDI 2 and MIDI PRO makes it possible to use a quill with a high-quality ER25 collet system. This means that drills can be clamped directly and precisely into the appropriate ER25 collet, without the use of a separate drill chuck or without loss of center distance when drilling.
ER25 collets are extremely precise and have been tried and tested in woodworking and especially in metalworking for years.
The trapezoidal thread spindle for the quill adjustment on the MIDI 2 and MIDI PRO machines ensures smooth and fast propulsion, which also benefits the system.
Since the ER25 drilling sleeve is only used for the purpose of drilling in the tailstock and is not used in the normal operation of the machine, there is no risk of damage to the fine thread for the ER25 clamping nut!


Technical specifications:
        Center height approx. 178 mm (turning diameter 355 mm above the bed)
        Center distance approx. 450 mm (expandable!)
        Speeds: 60 - 1,000 / 150 - 1,900 / 350 - 3,700 rpm
        Spindle connection M33 x 3.5 (cone MK2) with ASR (Euro) drainage safety groove
        Tailstock with interchangeable quill MK2 100 mm
        Motor 1 HP (230 V)
        Forward / Reverse Rotation
        Four-point driver and MK2 follower
        Knife rest 250 mm (pin 25.4 mm)
        80 mm faceplate
        Weight about 65 kg
    Headstock, tailstock and cast iron bench bed
    Four-point driver MK2
    Live grains MK2
    Knife rest 250 mm (pin 25.4 mm)
    80 mm faceplate
    Tailstock with MK2 quill 100 mm (with quick change system)
    24-position indexing
    Movable, magnetic switch unit
    Digital speed display
    Forward / Reverse Rotation