Epoxy - Epinal Color Cream 150 gr.

Epoxy - Epinal Color Cream 150 gr.
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Epinal Color Cream UR Highly UV-resistant epoxy tinting paste Epinal Color Cream UR... more
Product information "Epoxy - Epinal Color Cream 150 gr."

Epinal Color Cream UR

Highly UV-resistant epoxy tinting paste Epinal Color Cream UR is a highly UV-resistant epoxy tinting paste with high coverage. For tinting and covering the Epinal UR / UH cast resin systems. Product specifics highly UV-resistant high opacity solvent-free reactive cross-linking with the cast resin system mechanical properties and surface hardness of the system to be cured are not adversely affected Standard colors White black Chocolate brown blue yellow green red characteristics Density [g / cm³] 2.50-3.50 at 20 ° C Viscosity [mPas] viscous to creamy 25 ° C Added amount as required, but a maximum of 10% of the resin content in the cast resin system Stir the container well before use Containers with different batch numbers are used to ensure uniform coloring mix well before use. If you intend to use higher added amounts, please contact us packaging 50 g 100 g 400 g 800 g 2.50 kg 5 kg 10 kg storage Store in a cool and dry place at a minimum of + 20 ° C and a maximum of + 30 ° C. Products can be stored for 1 year in the original container. Always close the container tightly after removing the product. If there are signs of crystallization (gritty consistency, partial or complete solidification), regenerate the product at 50 - 60 ° C for 24 hours while stirring repeatedly. After cooling to room temperature, the product can be used again without any loss of quality. Security notice Our epoxy resins are classified and labeled as hazardous substances in accordance with REACH and CLP / GHS regulations. Danger and safety notices on the labels and the information in the safety data sheets must be observed. Disposal of residual materials and containers Liquid residual materials and containers with residual substances must be properly disposed of by the locally responsible hazardous waste disposal company (hazardous waste). Do not allow to get into groundwater or bodies of water. Only properly cured material may be disposed of with household or commercial waste.