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It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or already an advanced carvers,... more
Product information "Voucher - 1 week course - Woodcarving and Sculpting Course"

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or already an advanced carvers, during our courses we try to impart profound skills about woodcarving. Professionally qualified course instructors guide the participants individually and accompany them step by step during the whole process. Due to the small groups, a well-equipped studio and personal care and support, your success is assured.

Deepen your skills and try out something totally new and get your inspiration from like-minded participants!

The voucher includes the following services

  • Voucher - Woodcarving and Sculpting Course - 1 week course
  • Course-topic and date of your choice
  • Value of voucher: 525,00 €

Course Offers for your choice

  • Taster Course Woodcarving / Holzbildhauen
    1. Carving is totally new to you? And you now wish to start working in wood with your own hands? Looking for someone who can teach you the basic steps and can show you the joy in working with wood?
  • Basic Course Woodcarving / Holzbildhauen
    1. Have you already gained some craftsmanship experience or made first attempts at woodcarving/woodsculpting?
  • Continuation Course Woodcarving / Holzbildhauen
    1. You already have some skills in carving/sculpting? Looking for someone who can advance your base level with key steps?
  • Advanced Course Woodcarving / Holzbildhauen
    1. You are versed in crafting skills of carving and enjoy working with wood? You would like more intensive training and are looking for someone who can deliver inspiration and professional tips? Welcome to our highest class level!
  • Traditional and Mardi Gras Masks (Surcharge € 10,00)
    1. Der Kurs "Krampusmasken schnitzen" vermittelt Anfängern und Fortgeschrittenen mit handwerklichem Geschick die notwendigen Fähigkeiten zum Schnitzen einer Krampusmaske.
  • Devil and Krampus Mask Carving (Surcharge € 10,00)
    1. Our course for beginners and advanced learners, members of traditional groups and carnival friends
  • Large Sculptures in Wood (Surcharge € 10,00)
    1. The form, sized of 80 to 120 cm, will we roughed out. Afterward the chisels and mallet will be used or you work on the surface structure with rasp and sanding tools.
  • The Nude in Wood
    1. In this course you will be introduced to design of a nude in wood and will achieve a solid draft considering anatomy, proportion and composition.
  • The Portrait in Wood
    1. Learn portrait techniques step-by-step: from the draft to the model and into implementation in wood.
  • Driftwood Sculptures (Surcharge€ 10,00)
    1. Together with your instructor you will search for interesting pieces of driftwood along the banks of the Lech River and other wild streams which will be used in the courses.
  • Portrait - Relief (Surcharge € 10,00)
    1. Step by step you will learn the technique of bas-relief and convert a portrait photo directly into wood (without creating a model beforehand).



Redeeming of the voucher

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  1. Choose your desired course and date online on www.woodcarvingschool.com.
  2. Sign in for the chosen course by sending us an e-mail, telephone or on our homepage with the inquiry-form. Please indicate your voucher-code when enrolling for the course.
  3. Bring your gift voucher with you to the course.


Important information

Your voucher can of course be redeemed for all offers and courses of the woodcarving school Geisler-Moroder, as well as for wood working tools and equipment in our woodworkers shop “Precarv Austria”. The Voucher is valid for 3 years after the issue-date. For redeeming the voucher and detailed information see our homepages www.woodcarvingschool.com and www.precarvaustria.at.