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It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or already an advanced... more
Product information "Voucher - Short Course 2½ Days - Chainsaw Carving"

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or already an advanced chainsaw-carver, during our courses we try to impart profound skills about chainsawing. Professionally qualified course instructors guide the participants individually and accompany them step by step during the whole process. Due to the small groups, a well-equipped workplace and personal care and support, your success is assured.

Deepen your skills and try out something totally new and get your inspiration from like-minded participants and work in a large size!

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  • Voucher - Chainsaw Carving - Short Course 2½ Days
  • Course-topic and date of your choice
  • Value of voucher: 335,00 €

Course Offers for your choice

    • Taster Course Chainsaw Carving
      1. Chainsaw carving interests you, yet you have neither sculpting skills nor experience using a chain saw? You want to see whether this type of sculpting is for you? You would like to have someone to take you, step-by-step, through this new field? Fear not, and come along with us on a journey of discovery!
    • Basic Course Chainsaw Carving
      1. Have you already worked with a chain saw? Now you wish to create a sculpture even though you have no previous knowledge? Looking for someone with experience and competence who can teach you the basics?
    • Continuation Course Chainsaw Carving
      1. Already have some experience in sculpture and working with a chain saw? You now wish to discover the fascination of using the chain saw as a tool for woodsculpting?
    • Advanced Course Chainsaw Carving
      1. You are versed in sculpting and also with using the chain saw, having already ascertained some necessary skills?
    • Chainsaw Sculptures – coloured and painted
      1. Freshly completed chainsaw sculptures exude joy. Once the objects stand outdoors for some time, however, they become weathered and turn gray, merge with the environment and are no longer perceived.

Chainsaw Carving

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Important information

Your voucher can of course be redeemed for all offers and courses of the woodcarving school Geisler-Moroder, as well as for wood working tools and equipment in our woodworkers shop “Precarv Austria”. The Voucher is valid for 3 years after the issue-date. For redeeming the voucher and detailed information see our homepages www.woodcarvingschool.com and www.precarvaustria.at.